21 October 2016
The workshop is entitled “The Work of the Assessment Office” Ministry of Higher Education - KRG is conducting a two-days workshop about the work of assessment office in collaboration with the Appalachian State University who nominated Dr…
21 October 2016
Allocating proportional seats at the College of Arts for candidates of the Journalistists Syndicate. On Thursday, 26th Nov, 2009, the Minister met Mr. Farhad Awni, the President of Kurdistan Journalists Syndicate, and Dr. Jwan Jalal, the…
21 October 2016
On Thursday, 10 Nov, 2009, the Minister chaired the second meeting of the Council of Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. The Council, which includes in its membership presidents of all the State-funded Universities and…
21 October 2016
On Saturday, 14 Nov, 2009, the Minister, , Prof. Ala’Aldeen visited Hawler Medical University (HMU) and met with Dr. Pshtiwan H. Bazaz, President of the University, and members of the University Council. Prof. Ala’Aldeen took this…
21 October 2016
On Sunday, 8 Nov, 2009, the Minister welcomed in his office the Governor of Erbil, Mr Nawzad Hadi, and his deputy Mr Tahir Abdullah. During this meeting, the visitors and the host emphasized the need to reform our system of Higher…
21 October 2016
On Tuesday 10 Nov, 2009, in an unprecedented event, the Minister brought together all the heads of state- and private-funded Universities in Kurdistan for a working lunch and introductory seminar. He wanted to meet them all in person and…
21 October 2016
On Thursday, 12 Nov, 2009, the Minister welcomed Dr. Fredric Tisso, the French Consul in Hawler, and his colleagues. The Consul offered his congratulations for the appointment of the Minister, and his country’s support for the system of…
18 October 2016
13 October 2016
 The Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research lets the Kurdistan Region students – the ones interested in studying MA & PhD- know that the process of applying studying MA & PhD at Kurdistan Region Public Universities…
Dr. Yusuf Goran
12 October 2016
Dr. Yusuf Goran announced that there will be a huge obstacle on the way of education process because comparing to the previous years, the payment to students have been reduced a lot, but the scientific activities have increased.  This…